This program is still being worked on we are adding more events and is subject to change. We will advise when it is finalised.
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Saturday, May 4

5:45am AEST

8:00am AEST

9:30am AEST

10:00am AEST

10:30am AEST

11:00am AEST

11:15am AEST

11:20am AEST

11:30am AEST

11:40am AEST

11:45am AEST

11:55am AEST

12:00pm AEST

12:10pm AEST

12:20pm AEST

12:40pm AEST

12:50pm AEST

1:00pm AEST

1:30pm AEST

1:45pm AEST

2:00pm AEST

2:40pm AEST

2:50pm AEST

3:00pm AEST

3:15pm AEST

3:20pm AEST

3:35pm AEST

3:40pm AEST

4:00pm AEST

4:05pm AEST

4:10pm AEST

4:30pm AEST

5:00pm AEST

5:30pm AEST

6:00pm AEST

7:00pm AEST


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